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Dimitris Velios Go Kart in Epirus

Our history goes back to 1990, when the 9 years old then Dimitris Velios started karting and 4 years later competed for first time in the Greek Kart Championship. As a result of his attempt, Dimitris won the title of the Greek Karting Champion in 1997, as long as he won a lot of victories in races and podiums in the golden era of the Greek Karting, showing strong ethos and modesty during his racing years.

Dimitris with his long experience and cooperation with the best manufacturers of karting, he created Velios Motorsport in order to offer his experience and knowledge in the new drivers who want to get into the motorsport world.

Velios Motorsport’s goal is binary. From the one side, we want to show off young drivers who want to create their own path in karting, by competing in national and international level. From the other side we want to be a pillar of promoting safe driving in Greece and worldwide.

Dimitris Velios go kart in Western Greece

Our Academy

What is a Kart Academy and how such an Academy can help a kid?

These are the two main questions parents ask Velios Motorsport that we come across daily. Absolutely reasonable questions.

Our Academy helps young drivers from the age of 4 and above to get into the motorsport world, which is a world of safe speeding, into the track having always in the top of our priorities the safety matters that we first teach at theoretical level.

Our main goal is to instill to all our members the love for sport and karting. In Velios Motorsport a young driver will learn how to compete and how to “fight” in the track with discipline.

Moreover every member of our Academy will race in Greece and abroad, wherever his or hers dream want to travel!

Kart’s nature does not permit mistakes and as a consequence we always take care of every detail that can make the difference of every young driver. We emphasize to persistence, patience and trust to our self. In the meantime, it is very important that our Academy’s members are constantly in contact with other kids from other Academies and they socialize themselves and they grow up in the context of fair play.

Racing Team

GO Kart Velios Racing Team

The drivers in our racing team are nurtured in the principles of competitiveness and they are training in order to race in Greece and abroad.

Velios Motorsport has two motorsport support trucks for the transportation and service of the karts at the track including the whole equipment. We usually make our track days and trainings in many tracks in Greece. In our racing team Dimitris transfers his long experience!

Is Karting an expensive sport?

That’s a common question. It is not so expensive that maybe someone thinks it is. Of course the cost for a karting career, even in championship level, it is not so expensive and it depends on your needs. Of course you can ask us for any information you want about the cost.


Velios Motorsport offers a series of services in karting and motorsport. Especially, we offer:

  • - Karting Academy
  • - Drivers’ coaching
  • - Racing and technical support
  • - Racing equipment
  • - Storage in private place
  • - Official distributing of the racing lubricants “Pakelo”

We are official distributors of BirelART-Charles Leclerc-Kubica. These companies are members of the BirelART Group which is our partner from 1998.

The racing lubricants “Pakelo”

Velios Motorsport is also an official dealer in Greece of the racing lubricants “Pakelo”. The historic business started in Italy before almost 100 years (!) and then it has been a power and reliable partner of many famous manufacturers and racing teams, having also international wins and podiums in races.

Pakelo Lubricants will improve the engine’s performance, as long as the protection and the sustainability under the most extreme conditions!